What's this all about?

A mindful outdoor experience is an opportunity to slow down, be present, awaken our senses, and deepen our connection to the living Earth–and to ourselves.    Guided walks last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the offering, and generally cover less than a mile in distance.  

Is this a nature hike?

A guided walk is not a hike, nor is it an educational nature walk.     We will walking very, very slowly....wandering and sauntering.   

During our time together, you'll be offered sensory invitations to savor all of the sights, sounds, and smells associated with the natural elements.   I will invite you to have a childlike sense of curiosity.  

There are no expectations.     Let the forest decide what experience you need.  

Why should I try this?

Mindful time in nature can help us de-stress by being in the present moment. Americans spend more than 90% of their time inside, and 11 hours a day on a screen. Yikes! We weren't meant to live this way. We've become disconnected from the outdoors and nature, our true home.

But here's the good news: being in the woods can act as a healing balm to our mental & physical health! Plus, trees (pines in particular) secrete an organic compound called phytoncides, which have been scientifically proven to reduce stress hormones, blood pressure, and our heart rate....just by breathing them in.

So come along, and delve into your true home, nature! Release some of the tension and anxiety we hold within. We'll allow ourselves to leave behind internal burdens, calm our minds and be in the present moment. 

Land Trusts, Parks, Wildlife Refuges, Groups, Corporations, Non-Profits, and other Organizations:

Let's work together to create an experience for your group.  Guided walks build a sense of community whether you are part of a non-profit, corporation, book club or other club, class, school or church leader, or any other organizations...or perhaps simply a group of friends.  

 A group walk can:

Guided walks last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the programming–which is extremely flexible based on the participants and the environment.   My walks are currently geared towards those adults and teens (ages 13 and up, with programming for younger children in the works).   


Groups: We can discuss a rate that works best for you and your group or organization, based on group size, location, and duration.     

Organizations:  If you work for a public organization and want to employ my services for a community event, let's chat about a contracted rate.  

Fundraising:  I'm willing to help your non-profit fundraise by volunteering my skills.  You set the donation rate for participants and keep the funds, and I provide the walk!

Contact me at , or call me at six oh three seven six seven two five four one to discuss a program that works best for you!

Note:  Public walks that I announce & schedule separately from any collaborating organization are generally free of charge!  Each event will detail any associated cost, or admission fee depending on the location.  Tips or donations are not required, but certainly welcome.   Both PayPal and Venmo are accepted.

Let go, and let Nature guide you. 🌱